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>> a message it al-qaida your days are number. that is the message from the new defense secretary and the terror warning. in the own back yard. >> these guys did not use their bed sheets to escape. i am harris faulkner. we are fox news live tonight. her husband, once one of the most powerful women in the world. but she revealed her own weaknesses and inspired countless lives. remembering former first lady betty ford and her lasting legacy . plus, the royals riding high in america and right now, prince william playing the
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game of kings . we will go live to the polo ground in santa barbara, california. and three of two . deep to left field. going back . looking up. see ya. 3,000, history with an exclamation point. >> america's past time electricifying by baseball's class act. derek jeter reaches a mile tone. >> just one day away from what could be a major battle in the white house. all over the nation's debt crisis. president obama inviting tom lawmakers to a negotiation meeting and increasing our debt limit . cast at more than 14 trillion dollars and we have hit the limit. but the treasure department is doing creative accounting to pay the bills. they can only do that so long
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and looks like only until august 2nd to keep it up. the president used his weekly address to urge republicans and democrats to reach a deal even if it means political sacrifices. >> we need balanced approach taking on spending in our domestic programs and spending programs and addressing medicare and strengthen those programs and protect them for future generation and means taking on spend nothing the tax code. spending on tax breaks and deductions for the wealthiest americans. >> house speaker john boehner not so optmistic and saying if there is not an imminent deal set to happen there are disagrees about how to deal with the problem. increasing taxes and cutting benefits program. august 2nd looms.
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carolyn? >> president obama and speaker boehner want to hack four trillion off of the debt in 10 years and both agree it is going to hurt. where to find that money? the republicans don't want tax increases and the democrats want to keep medicare and social security intact. no one is budgeting. they will meet in the white house again tomorrow night. >> we agree after a decade of racking up deficits and debt we need our fiscal house in order. we agree that we will have to make political sacrifices. >> if the key players reach a deal . congressional leaders will have to bring it back to a vote. it is almost a no vote for the republicans and leaders were getting testy on the house floor on friday. >> i am one of those that believe we ought to pay for
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what i buy, but we ought not to put the country on the brink of financial chaos and bring us down in the eyes of the world. >> review the statistics mr. speaker. there have been two and half million jobs lost since this president took office. >> negotiators need a deal in the next few days if they make the august 2nd deadline. >> car -olin thank you for much. >> secretary of defense making a trip to afghanistan and telling the world that al-qaida is on the verge of defeat. the most optmistic prediction of the u.s. leader yet saying the u.s. can eliminate and capture leaders in pakistan and yemen.
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>> i think we have them on the run. i think now is the moment. now is the moment following what happened with what happened to bin laden to put maximum pressure on them because, i do believe that if we continue this effort, that we can cripple al-qaida as a threat to this country. >> and the secretary's schedule in afghanistan is packed and first the meeting with the top u.s. commander general petraeus here and holding a face to face with afghan hamid karzai. they want to with draw 23,000 troops. >> david piper is on the phone from kabul. >> the newly appointed defense secretary arrive went straight in the talks with afghan president karzai and he said the draw down of u.s. troops. he hopes to drive the taliban
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to peace talks in that period so there can be a reconcilation in this country and the defense secretary w upbeat about killing out al-qaida. >> targeting the new al-qaida chief saw al-zawahri. he said the al-qaida leader may be just over the border in pakistan's northwestern tribal areas . general petraeus who leaves the post this month to lead the cia said al-qaida isurped intense pressure. >> there is enormous damage done to al-qaida in the tribal areas. that is above and beyond the killing of osama bin laden. it does hold the prospect, of really a strategic defeat if you will.
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a dismanteling of al-qaida. >> and general petraeus said he does believe al-qaida is on the run. back to you, harris. >> back to you. david thank you very much. tributes pouring in for former first lady betty ford who died yesterday at the age of 93 . she was best remembered for her triumph over alcohol and drug abuse. hollywood's biggest tars - stars. her candor caused controversy and openly talked about her battle with breast cancer and the role of women in the military and that is just part of her legacy. peter doocy has the look back. >> if she had known her future husband would have run for congress she wouldn't have married him she didn't think. along the way, his wife touched a lot of lives .
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she was open about her struggles with drugs and alcohol and that inspired the betty ford clinic in california . inspired 90,000 people to get help there. president obama said her death is a cause for sadness. but the organization will give countless americans a new less on life. johnnie cash and elizabeth taylor and lindsay lohan have served time in the center. she was open about her breast cancer treatment. her family said mother's love and candor and devotion enriched our lives and millions in the nation. to be in the presence was the know the warmth of a truly great lady. since betty ford thought she was marrying a lawyer who wanted to live michigan, she never thought she would be giving her husband's concession speech after he lost the election to jimmy
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carter. she is reciting the telegram that her husband support to the president elite. >> dear jimmy, it is apparent you have won our long and intense struggle for presidency. i congratulate you on your victory. >> and after services in california, betty ford will be buried in grand rapids, michigan next to her husband eric. >> and we'll look at memorable moments. betty ford was born in grand rapids, michigan and met gerald ford years later and married him. that was just two weeks before he won the first senate seat in congress. >> and she found happened the betty ford center in 1982. it bigan in the ice ice medical center in california where she passed away yesterday. >> right now, we are learning of a desperate search for a
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missing hiker in mount rainier. they are not releasing the name of the man yet. he's 65 years old and last seen on thursday and an avid and experienced hiker. rangers are intensifying their anchors. they called in a helicopter to search by air and on the ground, there are five rescue team to work and scour the park because that is where he was headed. >> a rihanna concert so hot, it was on fire. no joke. we'll show you what happened in a show packed with 12,000 fans when flames broke out . jail inmates making a run for it. >> and the defense attorney who got casey though thee acquitted . what jose baez will make sure
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>> a deadly roller coaster accident takes the life of a war veteran that saw tough days in iraq. the 29 year old james was ejected from the roller coaster following more than be you feet to his death. investigators are looking into that park accident. he returned from iraq where he survived catatrophic injuries. >> and a hero dad in michigan saved the day. deion snapped in action when his car burst in flames while he was driving it and sound asleep, his six year old daughter and five year old nephew . he grabbed the two children and carried them across the treat and hiding behind the wall. they all escaped without serious injury. >> well, if you are looking for a job right now, you know
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what i am about to say is serious and true. latest figures from the labor department are bleak showing an unemployment rate rising from may to 9.25 percent. where are the jobs? it is the only question worth asking. it is creating fewer jobs month to month right now. >> that was kathy mcmorris rodgers. at least 50 of the nation's cities will remain below prerecession levels with fewer exceptions. one of them is new york. laura ingals is joining us now. >> that is one bright spot that we have to report. the big apple is expected to be back by 2013 and that is not the case for other major metro areas. a report commissioned by the
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u.s. conference of mayors, one in 7 will not reach prerecession levels until 2020. that is the engines of u.s. economic growth and producing the jobs that. can mean problems for the u.s. economy and while areas have picked up. others are lagging. >> there are things that are holding recovery back and that is still the housing market. places with big housing booms and busts. florida, and southern california . nevada and parts of the rest of the southwest. in new york city internet start ups are helping to create thousands of jobs. it is it a hotel reviewing. they started with five employees and grew to 20 and expect to add 100 new people
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in the new york headquarters made possible by the pool of potential workers . we havital ept and design and media and a lot of thital ept and engineering and marketing as well it is a great place for a start up. i am not the only one who thinks it. it is a challenge. >> and so if you are in the tech field work the internet to find those listings. tech companies are looking for potential employees. web designer software and analyst support engineers. those are out there here in new york city. >> that is specific and helpful. you have given them good information. >> heart pounding new video of our journalist caught in the line of fire in libya.
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antigovernment rebels breaking through the line. live report from the ground next. >> terrifying look as desperate jail guards fight off brutal inmates. it is caught on tape. it is a sticky situation . a young boy who claims his body is a maginent. we'll play it and you decide. ♪ [ singing ] [ male announcer ] built like a volkswagen. the 2011 tigua
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>> casey anthony needs help.
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her toddler died . we still don't know anthony was acquitted of murdering little caylee and expected to go free next sunday and her attorney jose baez chatted with geraldo river a. baez said the defense team will take her someplace place and get her mental health counseling and therapy. after all of the trauma she has been through. solitary confinement and three years facing the death penalty. the goal is to get her well there is anger over the not guilty verdict spread over the internet. as of this morning, 39,000 liked the i hate casey anthony facebook page . fox's coverage of casey thee though and stretching in prime time starting with justice with judge janine and followed
7:23 pm
by geraldo at large. don't miss it. >> you will see a lot of surveillance footage coming in the news room. this is different. new video of a violent jail break in texas shows two inmates pretending to use the pay phone. they wrestled one to the ground and make a run for. one of them managed to escape. he didn't get far. police found and arrested him. none of the cars was serious low injured. our journalist capturing dramatic new video . from misurata libya. with the latest, leland. >> misurata, harris, i just got done by a late night briefing by one of the rebel commanders here. they have 3000 people circle
7:24 pm
they are running low on ammunition. but we were on the front lines and they were fighting with whatever they had. it was nearly 20 feet high. we shielded yourself behind the shipping container. on the front line there was a heavy exchange of fire. there is how much ammunition is expended here . making a large explosion and the problem for the rebels . fighting against machine guns against qaddafi and he had no problem using it to get against the rebel soldiers. driving to the front line is a challenge and bumpy roads as
7:25 pm
rebel fighters head off. qaddafi forces controlled this part of the road and now burned out tarchings sit along the way. at the front often times incoming fire lands behind him and qaddafi forces try to zero in their mortars. >> that bang is right there. that is where it land came in 50 liters from where we are . where things are on the battle. and try to pound these guys. he said god is great when they were not hit by the incoming fire. every mile these rebels move forward is paid for in blood. a number of the people saw. they had guns in their hands
7:26 pm
and shoulders. not only are they fighting for ourselves and family as well so long as we pick up a weapon we'll fighting. >> thank you very much. >> they are off. it is time for the annual running of the bulls in spain. america, feeling more royal on this saturday away from the bulls and now to california. as we are graced by a visit from wills and kate. the duck and duchess of cambridge in california for polo and so is casey segull. >> you know california is rolling out the red carpet for the royalty and we'll break down the busy ajeppeda when the fox report continues next. [ male announcer ] where'd you get that idea? how'd you learn to do that? what'd you use? every project we finish comes with a story built-in.
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>> i am harris faulkner and it is the bottom of the hour. newly appointed defense secretary leon internet in the tannehill . he said al-qaida is within reach. he is dining with afghan president karzai . did not have a conference. and former first lady
7:31 pm
betty ford died yesterday. she was remembered trying to help thousands of people do the same . the crew of the space shuttle atlantis trying to sleep. they worked through lunch today x. finishing the task in record time. after the historicic final launch. they checked for the heat shield. they plan to dock for the space station. >> this weekend, all eyes are on prince william and kate middleton. golden state rolling out the red carpet. duke and duchess of cam bridge with a jam packed schedule. the prince is on the foal po fold in what is called the sport of kings . at any moment we'll expect to see her present the winning
7:32 pm
trophy live. casey is live. and hello, harris. they say you learn something every day. i learned how polo was played. we are happy to report that the prince's team won. we wondered if that was customary or playing as hard as we could. the award ceremony is about to begin back there on the fold again behind me. the live camera provide to all of the media outlets. we cannot see her presenting the trophy . we hope to have that shortly . look at the video. prince william quite the polo player . who knew. he scored four goals today . his team winning the match. they arrived by helicopter in the polo and rack quiet club
7:33 pm
and gracing the red carpet and meeting vps. they have made no public remarks in the business convention or welcome dinner in the console general's home. but the duke made a comment shortly before suiting up and playing. >> catherine and i have had a busy few days and prospect of letting loose is wonderful to me. via football. polo, football or i am sorry soccer or your preferred thought is. >> from there they are headed back to la for a black tie affair. british film and arts . tomorrow another jam packed day before heading back to the uk and visits to the inner-city school on skid row . a job for military veterans this is the first trip to
7:34 pm
america for the duchess and first time prince william has visited california. this is a monumental occasion for sure. >> absolute casey sea gull thank you very much. >> a newspaper staff writing its own publication obitary. here's the front page. thank you and goodbye. in the wake of a phone hacking scandal. 168 year old paper is shut down and 200, employees are out of the work. staffers hacked in voice mail accounts on thousands of occasions . three people so far have been arrested . news of the world is part of news international. that is a division of news corp which is the company that also owns fox news. >> now to mexico. violence stems from the drug cartel is nonstop. gunmen killing 20 people and injurying five others.
7:35 pm
attackers hit a downtown bar in montry. and police and army soldiers guarding the crime scene now. it is part of 40 killings in 24 hours according to a government official. >> south sudan. world's newest nation raising its flag for the first time today. thousands of people flooding the capitol city for a massive celebration . former secretary of state colin powell and moon were among the dig natarries on hand. it followed a brutal civil war between two sudans. south sudan is one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world. but home to reach oil deposits. >> obama accused syrian diplomats of spying on protest ors here in the united states.
7:36 pm
they are identifying and targeting relatives still living in syria. it takes attempts to intimidate those in the united states very seriously . there is no end to the violence against demonstrators in syria despite a show of support from our country. >> hi, harris, we waited to see what happened in syria following a visit from the u.s. ambassador to syria and appears the people were once again arrested. >> there is a popular syrian website that shows people rounded up and fired at. the video claims people are shot in their homes. they told security forces that they are firing terrorist and ordered them to fire in the protestors even after they discovered they were unarmed. allegations were reported by the human rights watch and
7:37 pm
interviewed the syrian arm yesecurity agencies . on friday. robert ford came to hamas as a sign of solidariity with the protestors. he was greeted with excitement and lange crowds of protestors gathered to speak out by the syria government. syrian state tv criticized the visit. syrians are angry . the unauthorized visit is proof that washington is trying to stir up the violence. they called the charge absolute rubbish. thank you very much. filling the street in protest and a brazilian boy who claims to have magnifet powers. malasia. thousands of protestors pressuring the government toward reform .
7:38 pm
police dising crowds using tear gas . dedaning them. it is fueling the rally . day three of the running of the bulls . leaving those quor goed in the leg. it is raced through the bull ring and where they faced off against the mata doors . it is slipping and sliding due to olive oil . the winner gets a golden belt worth 40,000 u.s. dollars. brazil. an even year old boy wielding magnetic powers .
7:39 pm
so far no one confirmed that the child is a human maginent. that is a wrap on the fox trip around the world and 80 seconds . >> upon rihanna tweeting that she set the stage on fire. she was not kidding. what happened when thousands of fans had to evacuate the building. cwe have that live shot out in california. take a look at prince william and he's celebrating. we understand that kate is about to hand the trophy over to the winning team. this is in santa barbara, california as the get america . there she is.
7:40 pm
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>> new york yankees short stop derek jeter blasting a home run to hit thing i milestone right in front of the home town crowd. >> that was going . looking up. seeia. it is with an explanmation point and all to join the 3,000 hit club. >> jeter in his 17th fouled off two the sending it to david price.
7:44 pm
he went five-five and drove in the run. he is a yankees captain. and the first yankees to do so . he plays for tampa bay. pittsburg steelers hines ward arrested for a dui in norge norge. and charged with driving under the influence. and releasing him on a 300 dollar bond . a fan favorite. winning over the new audience over "dancing with the stars". cstretch of heart land to be in the path of extreme weather with temperatures feeling like triple-digits and some places in the triple-digits out right. maria molina has the latest.
7:45 pm
>> that's right. we are looking at current temperatures and 100 in el paso anded handwriting eastbound that extends in the lower mississippi valley. we are looking at temperatures in the 90s and factor in the humidity and these are what it feels like out there. 101 in memphis and 100 degrees in dallas. that is outright dangerous if you are outdoors for a long period of time. stay hydrated and wear loose and lightt colored clothing. there is a number of heat advisory and stretching from porgs of kansas and missouri and mississippi and alabama. >> further north there is a storm system that produces sevore weather . colorado and portions of western wisconsin. there are thunderstorms starting to fire up in eastern portions of colorado with a potential to turn severe .
7:46 pm
we'll keep tracking them throughout the night, harris. >> thank you, maria. >> fire breaks out in a rihanna concert and a pet company fixes the largest dog biscuits. two stops as we go across america. >> fans in a rihanna concert in dallas getting more than a show full of songs. they were forced to evacuate after a fire breaks out above the stage . the shows pyrotechnic display started the fans. production crews able to put it out . rihanna said she is happy no one was injured in the accident. >> ohio, an emotional day for friend and family members of the ohio national guard 100 battalion. >> the servicemen and women returning home after spending at lastt year in afghanistan.
7:47 pm
lakewood civic auditorium was packed. >> happiest day of my life. >> service members seeing their babies for the first time. and texas, you heard the saying, everything is bigger than texas. newborn in long view living up to that. >> going to be about 12. but when he pulled him out it was a different story. janet johnson giving birth to a 16 pound boy measuring two feet long and sporting a full head of hair. jamike motorcycle is the biggest baby born there. >> he looks hungry. missouri . in joplin celebrating 10 years of business. the company set out to break the record of largest dog biscuit. they baked the canine treat and the final product 617
7:48 pm
pound and shattering the previous number and granting a spot in the world record. >> box it up and give it to the human society so all of friends there can share with us. >> that's the fox watch in america. >> another hurdle on america's road to recovery, economically. regulators shutting down for banks . getting married in today's economy is expensive. we'll show you where brides to be can stay on a budget and find the dress of their dreams . ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what is the future of fuel?
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>> new indications of trouble for our nation's bankings. regulators shut down first chicago bank and trust in illinois. it is signature bank in windor . this yearr boosting to so far and it has slowwed a bit. this time last year already 90 banks had shut down. it is wedding season and though the economy can get in the way. retailers are trying to change that. i love it. this is my favorite one and i picked out on line.
7:53 pm
what she didn't count on was shopping at costco. >> my fiance saw they were selling dresses on line. he like -ed them and here i am. >> costco is not alone. other retail like ann at a lorr and j-crew are cashing in on the big white dresses . >> we saw a great response and saw a growth opportunity. not like the ones that flyy off the rack. they are putting together a signature line. 699 to 1399 for a kirstie kelly coutere gown. because of the wholesale giant purchasing volume. it can change what they buy. the gowning they are buying here would sell for triple or
7:54 pm
double of what they are selling here today. >> brides don't have to hunt for the right address. annie taylor offers it exclusive on line and fits the modern bride. they like to shop. they are at home and they have a private moment on line and don't always want to run in a store. they will still get to feel like a princess. >> they are not going on ebay. they want a brightal experience. >> survey revealed that last than one third and they can find the perfect gown at an almost purchasing price. >> we checked in on the charity match where william
7:55 pm
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achievement: is ready for the world. that's why pnc created grow up great®, our 10-year, 100-million-dollar program committed to early education and helping achievement start young. pnc bank. for the achiever in you(sm). approximate recapping a top story. president obama inviting law make ares to come to sessions overnight . the heat is on as the democrats push for borrowing limits and the republicans push for deep spending cuts. president obama appealing to both party to make political sacrifices. >> royalty in california. here prince william scoring a goal. his wife gave them the award . all of that money going to
7:59 pm
charity. tickets $4000 . $400 for the cheap seats we are told. and on this day in 1948, baseball ledge end leroy made his major league debut as a pitcher for the negroleague baseball teams. he caught the attention of many with a fast ball. he led the kansas city. he went to the cleveland indians making him the oldest rookie in the major leagues. he was the greatest picture of his era. he was inducted in the hall of fame. he took the mound 63 years ago today. short stop. derek jettter for the new york yankees. 3000 hits with a home run .

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